Evil Ways – Blues Saraceno, AJ Styles 15th Theme

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Its been so long
Long hard days
they dont say
Gods change my ways
Change my ways
Those evil ways

So I set out
Cross that way
Strike them down
To make them pay
Change their ways
Their evil ways

But I can’t hide
And I wont hide
Oooooo Yeah!
My Evil Ways.

I found out
The hate grow cold
The god rise up
Damn my soul
Cause I aint change
change my ways
I aint change

So I wont hide
I wont hide
I cant hide Yeah!
I cant hide HEY!
My evil ways

(Long Solo)

Well I cant hide
And I wont hide
Ooooo yeah!
Well I cant hide
Ooooo ouh!
Caus’ I cant hide.
My evil ways.